Brand New: Free Explosive Energy Session

How much better would your life be if you had 50% more energy and you required LESS SLEEP? What if you had DOUBLE your current amount of energy?

Sound too good to be true? Allow me to prove to you that it is not. I have custom designed a quick 10 minute energy healing session that will explode your energy and I am offering it to you 100% free, no strings attached. Here's my incentive, I know that you will be completely blown away by the results that we achieve in our 10 minute session, that you will wonder about the incredible results you can see in a full hour Chakra Healing or Law of Attraction session.

In this Explosive Energy session, I will be focusing on clearing the two types of energy blockages that are most responsible for limited energy. These are portals and wormholes.

Portals are openings in one or more chakras that behave as vacuums for other peoples' emotional issues and adverse thoughtforms. One of the most common causes of portals, is the individual desires to heal the pain and suffering of others (consciously or unconsciously) by taking upon himself/herself other peoples' burdens. By taking on other people's undesirable thoughtforms and discordant emotions, you do NOT help them. In fact, you do the opposite by validating their suffering. You cannot help people out of their problems by getting sucked into them.

Portals are a habitual cause of health problems, depression, and energy loss. In this session, we permanently close the portals by obtaining a subconscious release of the emotional trauma that caused the portal to open.

Wormhole are a major source of energy loss. These are energy tunnels by which "psychic vampirism" occurs. Through these wormholes, your soul energy is siphoned off and feeding a dark entity. Usually, the wormhole is held in place through old karmic contracts or past alliances, often from previous lives. As with the portals, we permanently close the wormholes by obtaining a subconscious release of the emotional trauma that allowed the wormholes to open.

As an added gift, at the end of the session, I will do a quick infusion of energy from your higher self to accrete light into your energy body and raise your frequency. Expect to see a significant increase in energy within 7 days of the session. These free quick sessions are brand new and I expect them to fill up fast every week, so I recommend scheduling one right away! Remember these are 100% free and no strings attached.

If you already know that you are going to get a Chakra Healing session then skip this one. I remove all your portals and wormholes (and much more!) during the Chakra Healing session so there is no need to have this first.

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Once you login to the Online Store, select Services -> Energy Healing and select Explosive Energy. Once you've ordered, you can then go to the Appointments tab to schedule your session and you will receive an auto-email with the pre-session information.

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